10 Ways to Rock Administrative Professionals Week

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June 27, 2017


Dubin Difference Tips: 

10 Ways to Rock Administrative Professionals Week


  1. Send a handwritten note (maybe with flowers!) telling them the importance of their contribution.


  1. Invest in their professional development by giving them a budget for training – or send them to that conference or course they’ve been asking to attend.


  1. Give them a generous and unexpected bonus – that will make anybody smile!


  1. Publicly acknowledge your assistant at staff meetings and/or in emails to the team.


  1. Remember their birthday and work anniversary with something to make THEIR life easier – how about car wash coupons, or home grocery delivery?


  1. Gift them an extra day or part of a day off – even a long lunch will do!


  1. Pay their cell phone bill for a month, especially if they use their personal device for work!


  1. Commit to regular one-on-one meetings where you ask your assistant to speak their mind with questions like, “How are you doing? What are you worried about? What do you think?” Really listen to these answers.


  1. Give them ownership on special projects to build trust and teamwork.


  1. Make sure you acknowledge their importance but don’t forget to encourage work-life balance! Ask proactive questions such as, “What weeks are you taking vacation this year?”


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