Why Choose Dubin?

"Thou Shalt Not...” and Dubin Top 10 List
Many companies make promises… and most are never kept. The Dubin Group would prefer to let you know what we will NOT do rather than promise you the world and fall short!!


  • Over Promise and Under Deliver
  • Set unrealistic expectations for a client or a candidate
  • Be unreachable after hours
  • Send a “body” to fill a position
  • Take on a recruiting project without understanding the culture of the client
  • Simply pull resumes off of job boards as a means of recruiting
  • Waste precious time on a search out of our expertise
  • Stagnate but rather constantly evolve in technology & processes
  • Overcharge clients but rather price our services fairly and with value
  • Disappoint in our high level of service and quality


  1. Ten reasons why the Dubin Group is the best choice for your executive, temporary and permanent placement services, and workforce planning needs
  2. We personally meet all of our candidates before ever considering them for you.
  3. We apply The Dubin Process to pre-screen and qualify our candidates for every aspect of our clients’ needs. It’s more than resume review. We take into account a wide variety of data to produce the best and most qualified candidates for our clients.
  4. We treat our temporary employees as if they are our own employees. We develop more intimate relationships and stronger loyalties than our competition. i.e. celebrate milestones, send sympathy cards, etc.
  5. Our clients and candidates have access to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know sometimes emergency placements require extraordinary services and The Dubin Group is there to assist in those situations.
  6. We offer The Dubin Guarantee™-- If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the quality of the people we place within the first 90 days, we will replace the position at no additional charge.
  7. We have The Dubin Advantage™. This means our systems and processes allow us to respond quickly and have proven successful time after time. Our turnaround time is unmatched. We get back to you in under an hour and respond to your staffing needs with qualified candidates in less than 24 hours.
  8. We are able to provide personal attention to all of our clients. We introduce you to a team of individuals lead by a specific Placement Manager, ensuring that you receive plenty of personal attention.
  9. We are a local firm and understand the nuances of a local market. Our network is extensive and reaches deep into some of the best companies in the area. The result is quick delivery of the most qualified candidates in the area.
  10. We care about our temporary employees and our permanent placement candidates. They are an extension of our firm and this is evident in our pay, benefits, mentoring, and career development programs. The result is a more qualified, more committed candidate for our clients.
  11. We are honest with our candidates and clients. We will always present the facts and only the facts, making sure that both clients and candidates are clear on the expectations and the opportunities. It’s the only way to be successful in this business.

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