Is Job Hopping Frowned Upon in 2017?

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April 23, 2017
October 31, 2017

Often when clients engage us in a search for a new employee, whether it is to add staff or replace someone, the one common phrase, request or requirement I hear is “NO JOB HOPPERS”.

What does that really mean? The definition I have always identified with the most is: No more than two jobs in the last five years, and no more than three jobs in the last 10 years!

BUT-is that really a good benchmark anymore?

Latest statistics from the Department of Labor show the median tenure for employees across all industries dropped over the last two years from 4.7 to 4.3 years at a job, but that is not the whole picture. Public sector employees, those working in government and government related field’s average close to 7.7 years vs private sector employees stay on average only 3.7 years.  That being said, one might speculate my definition of job hopper is dead on spot.  WRONG…troubled waters are in front of business owners and employers.

As our aging workforce retires, A Job Hopper might need to be newly defined.  Older workers, those 55-64 have stayed in their jobs for an average of 10.1 years, while the younger work force, people 25-34 have only been averaging 2.8 years/ job AND the numbers are on the decline as more millennials enter the work force. Some feel staying more than 18 months makes them “edgy” and they want to move on- Really???

Being at technical “full employment” means finding a good employee is hard enough, but finding a good employee that will stay over 3 years, might be a thing of the past but it’s not impossible. 

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